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Three potential impacts of a Trump Administration on education

A new administration generally leads to change. Regardless of political affiliation, it is fairly safe to say that this transition of power, like those that have come before, will result in change.

One area of change that is ripe with predictions involves the state of education in the U.S.

What changes may be made to the education system in the United States?

NPR recently ran a piece with some of these predictions. Three of the more interesting include:

  • A reduced budget. It is likely that the Trump administration will reduce the budget used towards education. Such a reduction could have a number of impacts, but experts predict it will lead to a specific causality: early childhood education programs. Pre-kindergarten offerings will likely be the first to get cut when funds run out.
  • The rise of charter schools. The Trump administration is anticipated to encourage privately run, public-funded charter schools. States will likely be encouraged to expand the presence of charter offerings in districts throughout the country.
  • Increased attention to community colleges. One of the platforms of president-elect Trump's campaign was the focus on creating "jobs, jobs and more jobs." This could translate to an increase in attention to community colleges, often known for providing Americans with job skills that are applicable in the current market. As such, these higher education facilities could see increased funding.

These are just a few of the many expected changes, and it is important to note that these predictions are just that - predictions. The reality of the education landscape after the change in administration won't truly be known until the change goes into effect.

How will this impact those employed by the education system?

Those with professions in this field are most likely to feel the impact of these changes. Regardless of whether the impact is positive or negative, legal issues will remain. This is true whether working with a community college, public school or charter school.

Teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and others who find themselves navigating a legal issue are wise to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced with education law.

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