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Florida public school teacher accused of racist comments

Teachers have a difficult job, and they always seem to be under a microscope. The often thankless work they do may be forgotten in the light of accusations of wrongdoing, no matter how unfounded. One Florida public school teacher is dealing with such accusations now, and his reputation as an educator may be permanently marred.

The teacher is accused of warning black students that President-elect Donald Trump would send them back to Africa if they did not behave. The superintendent described the remark as inappropriate, and the school board quickly voted to suspend the teacher without pay for three days. They also decided to transfer the man to another school to work with autistic students.

However, there are inconsistencies in the versions of the story told by the teacher and the students involved. The teacher insists he did not make the racist remark, but rather attempted to hurry the students to class by telling them the new president would get them into trouble. The students involved also apparently did not agree about the details. Nevertheless, disciplinary measures against the teacher were decided upon by a unanimous vote of the school board.

Like other Florida teachers whose careers and reputations are on the line because of unsubstantiated accusations, this man has every right to seek legal counsel. Public school teachers can be assured of solid representation against charges that may have no merit and certainly little evidence. With the help of a lawyer, teachers may be able to continue in the job they love.

Source:, "Florida teacher who threatened to get students 'sent back to Africa', gets suspended", Dec. 18, 2016

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