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Florida private school voucher program incites lawsuit

Public schools struggle each year to meet the high demands of education within limited budgets. Likewise, if Florida parents desire to send their children to a private school, they often find the idea cost-prohibitive. Many across the country are grateful for voucher programs that allow families to take advantage of private education when they otherwise could not afford it. However, sometimes those programs are met with resistance from public school educators.

The Florida Education Association has filed a lawsuit to challenge what they believe is the funneling of money into a private school voucher program. The teacher's union says the program is unconstitutional because it drains money from public schools that desperately need it. Union spokespeople want the program stopped. The NEA lawsuit has stirred angry reaction from state lawmakers.

One representative expressed his opinion that the lawsuit was evil for seeking to deprive children of quality education. The voucher program serves underprivileged children, most of whom are minorities. The initiative allows the children to attend private schools instead of public schools. The representative believes that by filing the lawsuit to stop the program, the union is denying fair educational options to 100,000 students.

Educational issues often have a great deal at stake because they can affect the instruction of children. When public or private school teachers, school administrations or others involved in education have legal concerns, they can consult an attorney with years of experience in education law. Whether the issue involves civil or criminal matters, a knowledgeable lawyer will have the resources to advocate for your cause.

Source:, "Florida teachers' union lawsuit called 'evil' by House speaker", Kerry Goff, Jan. 5, 2017

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