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November 2016 Archives

Committed to protecting students facing suspension, expulsion

When it comes to things like fighting, possession of drugs or even bullying, many schools or school districts adopt rather stringent policies, such that most students would appear to be guilty until proven innocent and suspension looms as a very real possibility. Still other schools, however, adopt what is known as a zero tolerance approach toward these offenses, such that anyone they adjudge guilty will be subject to expulsion.

What do the final regulations under the Every Student Succeeds Act mandate?

Last week, we discussed how the U.S. Education Department made headlines when it called upon school officials in states where corporal punishment is still legal -- including Florida -- to abandon this antiquated and largely harmful practice.

Education Secretary calls for an end to corporal punishment

Earlier this week, Education Secretary John King released a letter addressed to school officials across the country asking them to end a practice that he described as being not only "harmful" and "ineffective," but which would also be treated as "criminal assault or battery" if committed against an adult.

Understanding how the PPS handles teacher complaints

As a teacher, you've undoubtedly worked very hard to get your current position, earning your degree, serving as a student teacher, securing an educator certificate, and investing time and energy into continuing education efforts. Indeed, this level of commitment demonstrates that it's about more than a job, it's about helping shape and improve young lives.

Just how 'open' will open enrollment prove to be?

The law here in Florida is fairly straightforward when it comes to the issue of public school students looking to transfer. Specifically, while transfers between schools located in a child's district are permitted, typically for the purpose of enrolling in magnet programs or career academies, those transfers involving students from outside county lines are generally not permitted.