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You can file a lawsuit if a school withholds your child's records

When you're sending your child to school, one of the things you may be interested in knowing about is how to access your child's records. You can do this until your child is 18, at which time your child may need to file a release to allow you to access records.

Do parents have a legal right to access documents related to their children's schooling?

According to Florida law, parents have a legal right to all written records about their children. This is not the case for those who have a child who attends post-secondary education, though. Once there or once a child is 18, the parent no longer has access because the records now belong solely to the student.

Do students also have a right to access records? What if there's a mistake in the records?

Students and parents have the right to access educational records to review them. They have the right to waive access to the records for certain circumstances, like if a third party needs to look them over. Both parents and students can challenge the records if a mistake is found. If a third party will be given access to the records, then parents and students have a right to deny this access or allow it via written notice. Both parents and students should be given the right to an annual notice about the records.

Our website has information on what to do if you can't access records because of a school withholding information. Spend a few moments reviewing our webpages on accessing educational records to learn more.

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