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Bullying in Florida: The facts and helping your child

When your child goes to school, you expect that he or she will be kept safe from harm. The bullying and harassment that can happen in a school may be held at bay if teachers are involved and take steps to prevent it. When it can't be avoided, you need to know the options you have to make a claim, so your child can be compensated for the unfair treatment he's been subjected to.

Does Florida have anti-bullying laws?

Yes. In fact, unlike some states that define bullying under harassment, Florida has two different definitions, making bullying a specific crime. The laws that cover bullying are also inclusive of cyberbullying, so children who go through cyberbullying attacks can also seek help for that instead of just bullying in person, at school, or at extracurricular events.

What kinds of groups are protected under the Florida state law?

The anti-bullying law protects against bullying a person for his or her religion, sex, or race. These are all civil rights violations.

What acts are considered to be bullying?

Acts including social exclusion, threatening behavior, intimidation, stalking, theft, physical violence, sexual, religious, or racial harassment, public or private humiliation, teasing, or the destruction of property are all considered to be kinds of bullying. For instance, if your child is ignored at school because the students think it's funny and then is mocked online when he cries or is upset by the behavior, this could be both social exclusion or cyberbullying.

Our website has more information on bullying, cyberbullying laws, and harassment issues that your child could be facing. With the right help, you can make sure your child gets the justice he deserves.

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