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May 2016 Archives

Collier County schools face lawsuit for segregating students

Every child deserves an education. Both state and federal laws protect this right, and if your child is denied an education, you can seek help from an attorney to make sure your child has every chance to succeed. In Florida, some children who are immigrants have been banned from enrolling in high school. Instead, those children have been offered a place in an adult English program, which would not allow them to get credit toward a high school diploma.

New laws change enrollment requirements in Florida schools

Not all school districts are the same, just like not all children learn in the same way. Maybe your child has struggled at a school in the past, so you wanted to make a change to a new district. If you found that you couldn't get your child enrolled, it may have been frustrating to watch a continuing struggle. You're not alone, and that's part of the reason the laws are now different.