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April 2016 Archives

Fight unfair grading techniques in your local schools

Your child works hard to make sure he or she gets the grades he or she wants at school. Sometimes, teachers are picky or disputes about a grade can tarnish an otherwise good year. It's important to know that you have a right as a parent to dispute the way your child is being treated, and your attorney can help.

What should I know about school dress codes?

School dress codes are usually non-negotiable except for in some specific circumstances. Schools use these dress codes to help students express themselves within limits that won't cause disruptions. Clothing, as a fashion item, is used to express ideas and emotions, but many schools decide to limit this expression or to turn to uniforms, which could interfere with a student's right to self-expression.

Prayer in schools: When it is and isn't allowed

Prayer in public school is an issue for many reasons. Some parents want their children to participate in prayer, while others believe that it shouldn't be performed in public schools at all. It's a divisive issue in many areas of the country. If your son or daughter is being pushed to pray or participate in religious activities at school, the school could be in violation of the law.