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Individualized Education Programs are legally binding in Florida

If your child is receiving any kind of special education, he or she should be part of an Individualized Education Program, also known as an IEP. This program is required by law and is an important legal document for your child. It states what your child's learning needs are and discusses the services that his or her school can provide. You'll also find that the document talks about how progress will be measured for your child's educational needs. The document will say if your child's progress can't be measured the way other students' progress is.

An effective IEP takes time to draft and implement. However, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act does require public schools to create these IEPs for every single child who has to enter special education services. No school should fail to do so in a timely manner for any reason, because it is required by law that all children who need one receive one for their educations. IEPs are available for students starting at the age of three and ending at age 22.

The document is legally binding once parents and the school agree to it. The school will note what it can provide and must provide those things to your child. If the school does not provide everything as promised, then you may have a legal case against it.

Our website has more information about Individualized Education Programs and what you should be looking for when you receive one for your child. If you feel your child's needs are being ignored, you may have a case against the school.

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