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Is failing to enroll a student child neglect?

Child injuries can come in many forms, and most of the time, the injuries are caused by accidents. Sometimes, accidents are caused by negligence, and in those cases, it's possible to hold the responsible party liable. What about damage done to a child that isn't physical, though? Can that still be considered a childhood injury? The truth is that it can be considered an injury, because it's hurting your child's ability to thrive.

Neglect is one kind of child injury that can happen without ever hurting your child physically. Neglect injuries can be emotional, psychological, educational or physical; they don't have to be caused by a parent or relative, either.

For example, consider a school that your child attends. The school's staff should pay attention to your child and make sure he or she is safe at all times. If the staff fails to keep your child safe by allowing him or her to run with scissors, play in dangerous areas or participate in other dangerous acts, then you may have a case against the school for negligent behavior.

It's not just a school that can be held accountable for a child's education and welfare, though. When it comes to educational law, one kind of child injury that can put parents in hot water is failing to take a child to school or to enroll him or her in classes. This can stunt a child's learning ability and hinders one's success in school and society. This kind of neglect tends to be the most common among poorer families, because the children may hold jobs to bring in additional income for the family.

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