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February 2016 Archives

How Florida's schools approach discipline

In a school in Florida, a multi-tiered approach to discipline should be used to keep students working in a safe and fair environment. Without this, it would be possible for students who cause any kind of minor infraction to suffer unfair penalties or punishments. Parents who find that their children have been inappropriately penalized or punished for their actions may be in a position to seek more information from the school or potentially to file a lawsuit if the penalties have affected the child in a negative way.

Is failing to enroll a student child neglect?

Child injuries can come in many forms, and most of the time, the injuries are caused by accidents. Sometimes, accidents are caused by negligence, and in those cases, it's possible to hold the responsible party liable. What about damage done to a child that isn't physical, though? Can that still be considered a childhood injury? The truth is that it can be considered an injury, because it's hurting your child's ability to thrive.