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The misuse of technology can be damaging to students

Technology has made its way into classrooms around the globe, and it's important that it's not misused. What is the misuse of technology? That can depend on many factors.

Misusing computers as a way of keeping children busy during class as a substitute for teaching, for example, is not okay. Teachers should be heading classrooms, sticking to a syllabus and working through educational materials with students. That's not to say that computers and technology can't be used for certain lessons or for taking notes or reviewing materials, but students shouldn't be using them to play or interact on social media when they're meant to be studying in class.

Cyberbullying is a major concern in many schools and another serious misuse of educational technology. One way teachers can help prevent this is to keep children and teens off social media, chat rooms and forum boards. Don't allow webcam or photo usage, and discourage computer use without a supervisor. If someone is monitoring the students while they're on the computers, it's much less likely that they'll be able to upload lewd images or publish negative comments toward their peers.

These are a few of the possible misuses of computers, but consider the impact those misuses could have on students or your own children. If you're a parent concerned about cyberbullying or the misuse of computers in the classroom leading to a toxic environment at school, it's something you should be able to discuss openly with the school. If you find your child has been cyberbullied or harassed, your attorney can help you reach out for answers.

Source: The Ed Tech Round Up, "Preventing The Misuse Of Education Technology: A Guide For Parents & Teachers," Ross Smythe, accessed Jan. 22, 2016

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