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December 2015 Archives

Florida mom alleges son was forced to clean toilet

It's very important for all of those involved in the education system to conduct themselves according to the policies and standards set forth by the school district. Even things that may seem innocent or innocuous at the time can come back to cause problem later on. However, it's also very easy for an incident to get blown out of proportion or incorrect facts be released to the media, which can damage an educator's reputation very quickly. One story involving a teacher and a student in the voluntary pre-kindergarten program is making the news headlines in Florida.

School records and your rights as a parent

When you send a child to school, it's your right to know that your child's records will be kept private. On the whole, school records are kept private to prevent anyone except for the school, parents and the children involved from learning about the child's schooling, disciplinary actions or other issues. When your child turns 18, the rights to those records go to your child. At that point, your child owns the records, and no one else has the authority to release them.