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You can fight to protect your child after an assault at school

As a parent of a student, if your child is assaulted at school, you want to know that something will be done about it. An assault is a serious matter regardless of the age at which it happens. Your child is a victim, and that means another student or member of staff needs to be penalized for their actions.

To make sure the party responsible faces criminal charges, it's important to make an effort to hold them accountable through legal means. There are both civil and criminal aspects to assault cases in Florida. For instance, as a civil case, you could be seeking compensation for the injuries your child suffered. The criminal case would focus on penalizing the person responsible and getting you the justice you deserve.

If a member of staff is responsible for the injuries to your child, then there are some things you may want to ask for as consequences. You could request that they lose their jobs or certifications, or they could receive time in prison. As a victim or an advocate for one, you can speak with your lawyer about the options for potentially suggesting what you'd like to see happen to the person who assaulted your child.

Your child's rights exist even in a school, and there is no reason that he should have to fear being in class or running into certain students or staff members. Our website has more information on student assaults and what to do when your child has suffered a serious injury or trauma due to an attack at school.

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