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Fight for your right to your diploma or transcripts

Have you gone through your college courses just to find out that your school won't release your diploma? Have you discovered that the school said it was accredited but that it, in fact, was not? If you find yourself in one of these positions, then you may want to consider a lawsuit.

It's possible for schools to withhold your transcripts or diploma if you're not finished with courses or a bill has been left unpaid, but sometimes there are other factors at play. Lost payments, lost paperwork or conflicts about the courses you completed can lead to misunderstandings and refusal by the school to provide you with the documents you need to start your career.

You shouldn't have to struggle to get the paperwork you need to start your life. You worked through years of schooling and likely paid a fair amount of money for the courses you took. Proof of your education is a requirement for many jobs you may be considering, and it's important that you're able to get it.

You may be able to convince a school to release your transcripts if they're being held, especially if the school is trying to withhold them due to finding out you have a criminal record or a past-due bill. If you school is trying to tell you it no longer gives out diplomas or that it has not been accredited, invalidating your education, then you need to take a stand. Our site has more information on your rights as a student and how to appeal against a restriction or denial of your transcripts or diploma.

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