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July 2015 Archives

Fight for your right to your diploma or transcripts

Have you gone through your college courses just to find out that your school won't release your diploma? Have you discovered that the school said it was accredited but that it, in fact, was not? If you find yourself in one of these positions, then you may want to consider a lawsuit.

Your child must go to school in Florida

As a parent, there are some education laws that you have to follow. Not doing so for any reason could result in you facing charges for failing to properly educate your child. These laws have been created to help make sure all children get the same chances; literacy and arithmetic, along with hobbies and other subjects, are all required to be taught, giving your child a well-rounded education.

What is educator misconduct and where can it happen?

Educator misconduct is a serious allegation to have to deal with. If you don't defend yourself and are found responsible for misconduct, there's a chance you could be penalized with a suspension or you could lose your job. On top of that, if you performed a criminal act, you could be charged and taken to court.