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Protect yourself against suspensions and career-damaging marks

When you go to school or work at a school, expulsion and suspensions can be a risk you face if you step out of line. As an educator, you could risk being suspended if you have a disciplinary hearing after an act the school finds inappropriate. Your suspension or dismissal can go on your permanent record as a teacher, making it hard to get a job in the future. Your career could be ruined in one fell swoop.

Fortunately, if you've been accused of an education crime or misconduct, you have the right to fight back against that allegation. Generally speaking, when you face a suspension, it is generally only if you have violated a Florida code of conduct or school board policy. Criminal conduct can also lead to a suspension. In many situations, teachers are suspended without a proper investigation, putting them in a difficult position without work. However, if there is no evidence, only hearsay, or little evidence to go on, you may be able to fight back and have yourself reinstated.

If you are able to prove your innocence or that there is little to no evidence against you, you may be able to have your job reinstated or to retroactively resign. If you can do that, then you won't have any permanent damage on your reputation, so you can continue in the field of your choice.

Our website has more information on what to do if you've been accused of sexually harassing students, violating school policies, or having inappropriate relationships on the school grounds. You can fight back, and you deserve to be heard.

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