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June 2015 Archives

Protect yourself against suspensions and career-damaging marks

When you go to school or work at a school, expulsion and suspensions can be a risk you face if you step out of line. As an educator, you could risk being suspended if you have a disciplinary hearing after an act the school finds inappropriate. Your suspension or dismissal can go on your permanent record as a teacher, making it hard to get a job in the future. Your career could be ruined in one fell swoop.

Administrative complaints and your right to a defense

As an educator, you have rights when it comes to being accused of a crime or when having a complaint launched against you. If you've been served with an administrative complaint, then an investigation is going to be started. This investigation will look into the situation that you were accused of acting inappropriately during, so the Commissioner of Education can decide on how to handle the case. During this time, you may be put on leave, or you could be left in your position. What happens depends directly on what you're accused of doing.