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Your child with special needs deserves a strong education

As a parent, you want your child to receive the best education possible regardless of the school you send your child to. Finding out that your disabled child may not be treated fairly or may not be accommodated can be a serious problem.

When you discuss your child's needs with the school you've chosen, it should, in most cases, be able to deal with your child's disability and educational issues related to it. Many schools have specialized special education departments, and they should be up to current standards with a trained staff that is versed in working with children with special needs.

If for any reason the school doesn't want to make adequate accommodations, it can help to work with someone who has worked with education law. Your child should have paperwork to show the necessary accommodations, and all teachers and aides who work with your child should have access to and training on working with your child's disability. You should be familiar with the staff who will work with your child, and you should be able to request verification for their certifications when you need to check that the educators have the skills needed to work with your little one. Every child deserves a proper education, and you have the law on your side when it comes to getting public information and information about your child's teachers.

Our website has more information about special education, your child and what you should expect from the school district you choose. There's no excuse for a sub-par education for your child, especially when adequate accommodations should be readily available.

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