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Protect yourself against plagiarism accusations in Florida

Academic dishonesty can get you into trouble with your school and could even lead to academic or grade disputes that could put you behind in your classes or result in your dismissal from your school. Plagiarism is one of the main things schools look for. Plagiarism can negatively affect you, since it not only proves that you were cheating, but also shows that you were not putting time or effort into your classes.

Cheating and plagiarism are taken seriously by schools, and universities do take disciplinary actions against those who are caught in the act. Some discipline could involve suspension or expulsion, which could jeopardize your career and future.

Plagiarism isn't just copying someone else's work. It can also be when you allow someone else to copy your work. Giving or receiving answers to tests, quizzes or assessments can be punished by the school. Writing a paper or taking an exam for another student is also punishable. It's plausible that the first time a student cheats, the teacher could react by providing an "F" grade to the student for that work or even for the entire course. Further penalties can be added and depend on the rules of the university in question.

Because plagiarism is taken so seriously, if you're accused of it, you need to be prepared to defend yourself. You have the right to appeal poor grades or accusations of plagiarism, and if your situation escalates to the point where you could be expelled, it may be time to talk to someone familiar with education law. Our website has more information about what to do if you're accused of plagiarism. With the right help, you can get back on the track to success.

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