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February 2015 Archives

Teacher accused of sexual relations with student in Florida

Working at a school can be difficult; children have overactive imaginations, and those who are disgruntled can come up with some interesting, although false, stories. In other cases, you may have made a poor judgment call and done something that you shouldn't have in a momentary lapse of judgment. Should that ruin your future as an educator, and should people who know of these accusations treat you as though you're guilty before it's proven to be the case? What do you do while you work to defend yourself against charges?

Protect yourself against plagiarism accusations in Florida

Academic dishonesty can get you into trouble with your school and could even lead to academic or grade disputes that could put you behind in your classes or result in your dismissal from your school. Plagiarism is one of the main things schools look for. Plagiarism can negatively affect you, since it not only proves that you were cheating, but also shows that you were not putting time or effort into your classes.