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December 2014 Archives

Allegations and your rights as a teacher in Florida

As a teacher working in education, you know that there are some rules you have to follow. Teachers should not under any circumstances engage students and should not date students. Despite following the rules, you may be accused of not doing so, and that can hurt your reputation. It could also mean that you could lose your job or be forced to go on a probationary period that you don't deserve.

Is corporal punishment allowed in Florida?

Corporal punishment is still allowed in Florida, despite the fact that it is illegal in many other states. Since 2009, the Florida government has had legislation requiring corporal punishment policies to be reviewed every three years by the schools that still use it. At those school board meetings, they must listen to the public testimonies about the parents' and children's opinions or experiences, and if the district doesn't meet the requirements set by the state, it will no longer be able to use corporal punishment in its schools.