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Florida school teacher accused of creating sex tape with student

If you get into legal trouble as a teacher, you can face losing your job. You could be suspended without pay or even be fired from your position, even before you're proven guilty of a crime. This woman has been placed in a situation just like that. In her case, she was suspended and eventually fired without a guilty verdict.

The story from July 30 reports that the teacher worked at King High School, a public school, prior to being accused of having a relationship with a student. The 29-year-old woman was being kept at the Nueces County Jail, but she has been released following a hearing with the magistrate judge.

The hearing was used to formally charge the woman for her alleged sexual relationship with a student at the school. Her arrest affidavit claimed that the CCISD police started investigating the woman after a parent brought a sex tape to the staff at the school. The tape allegedly had a student and teacher on it, which led to this 29-year-old woman's arrest.

Although the woman has only been charged and not found guilty, the superintendent of the school immediately suspended her. On top of that, the superintendent recommended that the woman be fired. When hearing about that, the woman allegedly tried to resign from her position, but the school denied that option. Then, around July 15, she was fired from her position. She allegedly did not object to the firing.

In times where you're charged with a crime you're not yet proven guilty of, you shouldn't have to face repercussions. With some legal help, you may be able to return to your job or maintain your reputation through this trying time.

Source:  KRISTV, "Former Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Student Released from Jail" Veronica Flores, Jul. 30, 2014

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