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Teacher faces suspension over twerking in Florida

This is a little bit of an odd story, since the teacher involved was accused of doing something by students that other chaperones said she hadn't done. As you probably know, being accused of a crime is sometimes enough for teachers to be taken off the job or even fired from their jobs; this woman almost lost hers over having a good time at a party.

The story from July 10 claims that the Floridian, a middle school teacher, had been at a party and was allegedly twerking and drinking alcohol. The party, a party for the school's soccer team, supposedly went too far when the woman was reportedly filmed getting a lap dance and dancing "salaciously."

It's been claimed that this was recorded, but when district investigators looked at the video, they claimed it was just the "gross exercise of poor judgment," and nothing more. Students also allegedly claimed that the woman had been drinking at the party, going as far as to take a student home while driving drunk.

The parents hosting that party said the claim was simply not true. The woman had not been drinking and had only brought them a bottle of vodka as a gift. If not for the parents in this situation, the woman may have been fired due to those allegations by students. She was not, however, and has faced a lesser punishment of suspension. She will not receive pay while she's suspended, but fortunately, she won't lost her job.

If you're accused of wrongdoing by students like this woman, it's important to stick up for yourself; if you don't, the career-related consequences could be life changing. It might be hard, but it's important to give your side of the story.

Source: New York Daily News, "Florida middle school teacher suspended after allegedly twerking, drinking at student party" Nina Golgowski, Jul. 10, 2014

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