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Teacher accused of sending nude texts to public school kids

When you're a teacher and accused of a crime, it's important to consider how it may affect your job. If the crime is related to your students, your job could be at risk, and that's why it's important to seek a strong defense to prevent career-related consequences. This case reported on May 15 claims that a teacher has been accused of sexting and partying with students, and that has landed him in trouble with the school and the law.

According to police, the man, a 34-year-old working at St. Lucie Centennial High School, had been sending nude images and crude text messages to students. He allegedly also provided students with alcohol at their local parties. He is accused of sending the crude images to at least two students and of going to parties with the girls.

The report on WPBF claims that the police believe the images were sexual in nature with some being nudes. The parent of one girl involved believes that this just goes to show that there are predators everywhere, but this report also seems to show that the mother may have known about the potential issues. Her daughter had allegedly told her that the teacher was a pervert, but she reportedly "blew it off."

The defendant, a teacher of marine science and biology, has been arrested and booked into the St. Lucie County Jail. He has only been connected to two students so far, according to the news, but the police believe that there may be other alleged victims. The ages of the students and description of the charges were not immediately available to the news, but the report does show that the man is accused of sending over 100 sexually explicit text messages to the two students.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, "Florida teacher accused of sexting, partying with students" Adrienne Cutway, Jun. 05, 2014

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