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Superintendent faces 4 employee arrests in Florida in 2014

It's not very often that multiple employees from the same school come under scrutiny, but that's the kind of year this school in Florida had. According to the May 19 news, the superintendent of the St. Lucie County school has come out and apologized for the alleged inappropriate acts of teachers working with the system.

Not all of these employees have been convicted of crimes, and it's important to remember that they are not guilty until that happens. So far, at least four of the school's employees have been arrested in 2014 based on charges that ranged from interfering with child custody of minor to having sex with a minor. Many of these cases are still ongoing, so the superintendent was unable to discuss them.

She has reported that while these four people have been accused, the school does complete criminal background checks on all teachers and personnel. Those hired must abide by strict ethical conduct rules and a code of principles. The superintendent reported that this year has been difficult, and it's unfortunate that the allegedly situations took place. She believes that the good point in this is that students were able to confide in an adult who was able to help them.

While being unable to discuss these cases directly, the superintendent did say that when an allegation comes up, it's immediately vetted. That means that the case goes directly to law enforcement, so they can do their jobs and make sure the employee, as well as the students, get fair treatment and protection.

It's too soon to know if these teachers and employees will be convicted, but if your case is similar, you can take away a little bit of knowledge from this post. Career-related consequences are possible early on in these cases, but when these kinds of situations come up, it's important to make sure you are protected and won't have your reputation tarnished. Like in this situation, no one should be discussing your case if they aren't sure about what parts are facts or fiction.

Source: WFLX, "SLC school superintendent apologizes for employees' actions" Jon Shainman, Rachel Leigh, May. 19, 2014

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