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May 2014 Archives

Superintendent faces 4 employee arrests in Florida in 2014

It's not very often that multiple employees from the same school come under scrutiny, but that's the kind of year this school in Florida had. According to the May 19 news, the superintendent of the St. Lucie County school has come out and apologized for the alleged inappropriate acts of teachers working with the system.

Teacher accused of sleeping with 2 students in Florida

Having a relationship with a student isn't allowed, even if a student is above the age of consent. If you've been facing trouble with your job or home life because of accusations of wrongdoing, you may want to speak with someone who can help. It's sometimes easy for people to accuse and assume you're taking part in something illegal when that very well may not be the case. The reality is, you're the one who may be facing career-related consequences, so you need to defend yourself.