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April 2014 Archives

Career-related consequences for 1 Florida teacher on horizon

Making a mistake as a teacher can come back to haunt you, making it hard to find or keep work. If you've been accused with criminal allegations or of sexual misconduct, it's best to prepare yourself to face the allegations while protecting yourself. This report about a teacher in Florida who became pregnant may have a lot to explain, especially if the child is actually her student's.

Teacher faces criminal education allegations in Florida

When you teach in Florida or elsewhere in the country, your main concern has to be for the welfare of the children in your classes. Even when lines start to be crossed, it's something you can't allow to happen. When you are negligent or take part in misconduct, you can face career-related consequences. Take for instance this Christian biology teacher who has been caught with a 14-year-old female student. He was allegedly partially undressed when the two were discovered in his vehicle, and now he may face serious consequences for the allegations against him, although he has not yet been found guilty of the crimes.