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Teacher in trouble after disciplining public school student

Everyone is aware that children can get out of hand in the classroom, and most teachers are prepared to deal with this. The news about a Florida teacher might be surprising to you, though, because it's been alleged that she dragged a student across the floor of the public school classroom. Reports like these can lead to a teacher losing her job, so it's important to make sure you understand all the facts before thinking one is guilty of a crime.

In this case from Feb. 28, a 60-year-old teacher was accused of hurting a child in her classroom. Reports claim that she was working at Calusa Elementary School in New Port Richey, Florida, when she dragged a 10-year-old student across the floor of the classroom. She was allegedly dragging the student back to the spot where she had asked him to sit.

The teacher has been accused of becoming irate in her classroom. It's been claimed that she was mad due to students talking during class. This allegedly led to her dragging a 10-year-old boy across the room to a new sitting position that was around 5 feet away.

The problem was not so much to do with the teacher wanting the boy to move, but what happened as a result of moving him in that way. It's believed that when he was moved, he suffered from a 2-inch long laceration to his arm. Following the accident, three students reported the incident to the school's principal. It wasn't clear if the student needed any medical help following the injury. However, the teacher involved has now been arrested for the alleged crime, and she could be facing serious repercussions like losing her job, being fined, or being put into jail for child abuse.

Source:, "Florida teacher accused of dragging 10-year-old student across floor, cutting his arm" Erin Edgemon, Feb. 28, 2014

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