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March 2014 Archives

Teacher faces consequences for alleged lewd conduct in Florida

Being charged with a crime like sexual abuse of students can instantly lead to your being fired and investigated. This teacher could face career-related consequences if these charges are found to be true, despite the fact that he may not have sexually abused any of the students involved. According to a March 24 report, a teacher faces serious consequences after being charged with touching students in an inappropriate manner.

Teacher in trouble after disciplining public school student

Everyone is aware that children can get out of hand in the classroom, and most teachers are prepared to deal with this. The news about a Florida teacher might be surprising to you, though, because it's been alleged that she dragged a student across the floor of the public school classroom. Reports like these can lead to a teacher losing her job, so it's important to make sure you understand all the facts before thinking one is guilty of a crime.