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Teacher plants underwear in student's locker in Florida

Everyone has done something they regret, and a joke may not be received well by its victims. However, it's rare that a pair of purple underpants can lead to career-related consequences; yet for one Florida teacher, it nearly did.

In February of 2013, a PE teacher at a middle school in Florida confiscated a pair of purple panties from some students, and he then allegedly took a picture of them before planting them in a student's locker, presumably as a prank. When the student opened the locker, a large group of students were present along with the teacher, and they laughed at the victim.

The incident started spiraling out of control after the student reported it to his mother; she reported it to the assistant principal. It eventually came before a judge who confirmed that the teacher admitted everything, despite reports to the contrary, and was remorseful. The local school board recommended in April that the teacher should be fired for this relatively minor incident, but the judge overruled that recommendation, taking into consideration the teacher's history. The teacher remains suspended without pay for the duration of the school year, and at the end of the year, the district has the final say as to whether or not to keep him as a teacher on their roster.

In this case, a relatively harmless prank ended up as a potentially career-changing decision for the teacher. While in an ideal world, people would be forgiven for minor lapses of judgment, this world is far from ideal. The right legal advice can make the difference in your case and in the cases of others.

Source: Opposing Views, "Florida Teacher's Job In Limbo After He Planted A Pair Of Women's Panties In A Student's Locker" Dominic Kelly, Dec. 26, 2013

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