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December 2013 Archives

University of South Florida staff pay questioned by state auditor

From elementary schools to state universities, many educational facilities make use of local, state or federal funds to purchase equipment, maintain buildings or pay staff. The use of public funds means the schools must comply with certain regulations. In the case of staff pay at the University of South Florida, a state auditor has brought several civil education matters to light.

Teacher faces charges for alleged sex acts with minor

In Fort Lauderdale and around the country, teaching can be difficult profession. There are lots of people demanding plenty from you, and it's a balancing act. One wrong move could result in career related consequences, even if it's just rumors being spread the way kids do. The problem with many of the systems now is that even a simple allegation of a crime can lead to a soiled reputation, lost trust from coworkers and students, or the loss of your job, and that isn't fair. If you find yourself in a situation like this man who has been charged with a sex act involving a minor, you may want to seek legal advice.