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Biology teacher fired because of blood-test experiment

An interesting story out of North Carolina peaked national attention last month when a biology teacher was fired and accused of putting her students’ health in danger because of a science experiment. Residents here in Florida may have heard about the story and might be wondering this month if the teacher could face any civil litigation as a direct result of the incident.

For those who may not know the details of the case, the concern among parents and staff stems from an experiment in which students used lancets to prick their fingers and determine their blood type. But according to school officials, the teacher allegedly reused the lancets for other students, potentially creating a health issue. As a result, the teacher was fired despite her insistence that the lancets were thoroughly cleaned before reuse.

While the main issue of this case is whether the teacher was wrongfully terminated or not, it also raises concerns about civil litigation as well. If any of the students become ill as a result of blood-borne pathogens, their parents may want to hold the teacher accountable. This could result in a civil lawsuit that could impact the teacher’s life as well as her finances down the road. Above all of that though the teacher will need to prove that she was not negligent and this may be difficult without the help of a skilled attorney.

It’s important for readers of our blog to remember that while this incident happened in another state, similar circumstances could befall teachers here in Florida as well. While having a lawyer may not prevent you from losing your job, they can help guide you through litigation and towards an favorable outcome.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Biology Teacher Miyoshi McMillan Fired For Having Students Share Used Needles In Blood Experiment," Hunter Stuart, Oct. 30, 2013

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