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Trouble with teacher? Here's what you can do

Sometimes, teachers aren't what you expect. If your child is struggling with an instructor who isn't being fair or who is shaming him or her, you may feel the need to step in. There is no excuse for giving a student poor grades simply because a teacher doesn't like him or her, and there are cases where bullying can become a very real problem because of a teacher's involvement.

One thing that can make school harder for your child is if he or she is labeled as lazy or stupid, even though he or she has a learning disability. It's important for teachers to be role models and to prevent bullying of students. They should treat the student equally to all others.

The first thing you can do if you sense a problem in the classroom is to advocate for your child. Step in and see if there is a way to resolve a misunderstanding. Go to parent-teacher conferences. Help your child understand how to respond to teacher requests or to ask for help respectfully.

Another thing you can do is to report the teacher's behavior. This is particularly important in situations where a teacher has gone too far and humiliated your child or abused him or her in some way. The school needs to work with the teacher to come up with better ways to handle students or discuss what it will or will not allow in the classroom.

Your child's grades can be an important factor in later decisions, like where to go to college, so making sure a teacher isn't being spiteful or harsher on your child than others isn't too much to ask. If the school won't address the issue, you can move forward and look at your legal options.

Source: The Huffington Post, "When You Want To Fire Your Child's Teacher," Kyle Redford, accessed Dec. 14, 2016

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