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Teacher's alleged assault sent to state attorney

The Duval School District has removed the case of an alleged assault by a Terry Parker High teacher against a student and referred it to the Florida state attorney.

The case involves a teacher who allegedly fought and injured a student at the high school in Duval County.

The issue was originally on the school board's agenda. The board was going to discuss whether or not to suspend the teacher without pay for 30 days. The student involved in the case attends the Terry Parker R.I.D.E program, which helps students with emotional or behavioral disorders.

The board removed the case from the agenda after news coverage of the issue arose and questions began pouring in regarding the investigation.

The teacher has denied abusing the student and claims that the district has misquoted another teacher and an aide who have been named as witnesses in the case. The teacher has vowed to return to the classroom.

The teacher has stated that he will fight the accusations as much as possible and has even called them slanderous.

According to the district's investigation, the teacher flipped a 9th-grade boy from his chair in room 104. The teacher then punched the boy in the head and the face and "forcefully pushed" the boy's head into the floor of the room. The report from the district also states that the teacher put his arm around the neck of the student in an "aggressive manner."

The student suffered scars and bruises on one of his elbows and bruises on the back of his head. His mother took him to an emergency room for evaluation.

A female student told the district that the teacher told her to give an inaccurate statement as a witness. She later recounted that statement and gave her own version of what happened that day.

The school police are still investigating the incident as a criminal matter, while the Department of Children and Family Services has been contacted for a potential child abuse investigation.

An experienced education law attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can advise you of your rights should your child be attacked by a teacher on school grounds.

Source: The Florida Times-Union, "Duval district sends teacher’s alleged assault case to State Attorney," Denis Amos, Dec. 06, 2016

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