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Tampa teacher suspended for telling students to go back to Africa

A Tampa, Florida, public school teacher and coach has suspended from teaching in the classroom for three days -- unpaid -- after threatening to have Donald Trump send African American students "back to Africa" just a day after becoming p

resident-elect. The teacher has also been reassigned to another school in light of his inappropriate comments.

The area school board superintendent claims that despite the fact that the comments the teacher made were inappropriate, the teacher deserves a second chance. He said while the teacher's behavior was not something that was supported by the school district, it also was not something that merited being fired over either.

An internal investigation conducted by school officials returned conflicting reports from students as to whether or not the teacher had indeed threatened to send black students "back to Africa". An interview with the teacher in question also failed to affirm that the teacher had actually referred to a particular destination to where students rounded up would be sent or even if he had said anything to the effect.

In an interview conducted with the Tampa Bay Times, the teacher argues his comment was all together mischaracterized. To that end, he claims he said to the students in question, "You kids get where you're supposed to be, or the new president could get you in trouble." No matter which of the two comments were made, a school board representative argued that the teacher's statements were inappropriate nonetheless.

If you have either witnessed or been a victim of inappropriate conduct at the hands of school administrators, teachers or non-instructional staff, a Florida educational law attorney can help. The Florida Department of Education has clearly defined guidelines regarding what is considered civil education matters and pursues disciplinary action, to include pressing criminal charges, for cases it investigates.

Source:, "White Florida teacher who threatened to send black students 'back to Africa' has been suspended," Paul Meara, Dec. 18, 2016

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