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What is the Florida Virtual School System?

One option for your child to attend school without going to a physical school in Florida is to enroll in the Florida Virtual School System. This is a full-time system that is accredited for kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a public school and is open to all Florida students.

One benefit of this school system is that it offers flexibility to students. It has a calendar that mirrors a typical school year, but thanks to it being online, students may be able to fit school in to times that are more appropriate for their lives. For example, if a student is also working in movies, that student might have to work in the morning. This kind of schooling allows for those arrangements without the child missing school.

For those who graduate from the program, diplomas are awarded. The Florida Department of Education has approved this program, so your child should be treated fairly and like any other student attending a public school.

FLVS has a traditional 180-day school year from August to June. Each student must still perform and participate in state testing to meet the requirements of the program. As a parent, you'll be asked to talk to instructors regularly to review your child's progress. This helpful alternative schooling program is state-funded and doesn't cost anything to attend as long as you are a Florida resident.

If you're considering placing your child in school through this virtual system, you may want to discuss your options with your attorney. Each person's case, as well as the time needed away from or in school, differs, so it's important to know what laws you must adhere to.

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