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You can fight back if a school won't protect your child

When it comes to bullying, nothing is worse than seeing your child suffer. Bullying is a crime, and although schools should take care of the problem before it requires police intervention, there are times when it's perfectly necessary to involve the police and to file a lawsuit against the district. For example, if a child is pushed at school, then the teachers should step in and talk to the bully about behaving. However, if a student is pushed and beaten on a daily basis with no intervention, a parent may want to call the police and intervene.

How many kids suffer the consequences of bullies' actions? One child is bullied in the United States every seven minutes; while that might be expected at schools where kids interact, the truly upsetting fact is that only four out of 100 adults intervene.

Failing to intervene or give children the protection they need leads to 160,000 students or more missing school due to fear and anxiety each year, according to the National Education Association. Why should more people step in? Bullying or being victimized by bullies can lead to poverty, academic struggles and difficulty at work in the future. Those affected by bullying are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol.

You don't have to stand by and let bullies get away with their actions. If the school won't help you, there are steps you can take to file a legal claim and protect your child. Our website has more information on problems with both private and public schools and what you can do to help your child.

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