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Chronically absent teacher fired from Florida school

As a teacher, you're expected to do your job. You can't miss work on a whim, and you need to have information stating why you've been absent for a long period of time when you're out for an illness. While that's the case, if you can't be reached for some reason, you should be able to explain yourself when you can get in touch.

Sometimes, you have no way of being in contact such as if you've been seriously injured. Other times, you could have emergency situations come up that make it impossible to reach out to your employer such as if you have to fly to another part of the country to care for an ill family member within hours of notification.

Not saying anything to your employer isn't the right way to approach this situation, but you deserve a chance to explain yourself. If you don't, you could end up like this teacher in Florida. She has been fired for being chronically absent; the school hasn't heard from her in months.

The 41-year-old teacher had times when she'd be out of work for days at a time, but in 2015, her absences became so common that the students were suffering educationally and substitutes were constantly being called to fill in the gaps. The woman had worked for the school since 2002, but she suddenly became a concern around 2010.

The school reported giving her warnings about her excessive absences, and the principal sent her an email asking for a doctor's report to show why she hasn't reported to work. The woman hasn't responded to that, a call from the news agency covering the story or had any contact with the school since January 26.

Source: The Sun-Sentinel, "Broward School Board fires chronically absent teacher," Scott Travis, April. 20, 2015

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