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Fort Lauderdale Education Law Blog

Report: Florida one of the worst states for teachers

A teacher’s life and career can be affected by a great many things. This includes the legal issues that come up for them over the course of their career. There are a variety of things that could lead to a teacher facing impactful legal matters. This includes being accused of misconduct by a student, parent or the school they are with. Standing up for one’s rights in the face of such allegations can have many complex aspects. Skilled attorneys can guide teachers through this complicated, impactful and sometimes confusing process.

Teachers can also be impacted quite a bit by conditions in the state they teach in. States vary greatly in the laws, policies, economic conditions and overall circumstances they have related to education and their school systems. So, teachers in different states can be in very different overall situations.

Report points to racial disparity in out-of-school suspensions

The disciplinary measures schools take can have major impacts on students. So, one would hope all schools would act fairly in their disciplinary decisions. One would certainly hope schools would take great care to not let discrimination, such as racial discrimination, seep into such decisions.

Among the things that can raise serious questions and concerns as to whether racial bias and discrimination are playing a role in school disciplinary actions are major racial disparities when it comes to the use of a given school disciplinary measure.

Teacher pay in the U.S.

How does the U.S. compare to other countries when it comes to teacher pay? A recent Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report suggests it’s something of a mixed bag. The report was on education issues and looked at OECD members (the U.S is a member) and certain partner countries.

On one hand, the report found the U.S. to be among the countries at the top for starting teacher pay. It found the average starting pay for elementary school teachers here in America to be around $42,500. This is over $10,000 higher than the average among OECD countries.

Social media at school

Social media plays a big role in the social lives of students these days. It could also have the potential to play a role in their education. There are various applications social media could have in classroom lessons. Recent research suggests that incorporating social media into such lessons could potentially help students with learning.

As part of this study, researchers developed methods for incorporating social media use into lessons regarding certain aspects of the scientific process. The lessons were on scientific argumentation. This curriculum was used in certain Midwestern schools.

Some school districts turning to technology to fight cyberbullying

Technology has led to many changes in the lives of students. Unfortunately, these changes can expose students to some risks. This includes the risk of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can take many forms. In any of its forms, it can cause great harm to students. So, a parent can feel very worried and heartbroken when they find that their child has been exposed to such hurtful conduct by classmates. Upon making such a discovery, they may wonder what they can do to protect their child from being further harmed. Skilled education attorneys can give Florida parents whose children have been exposed to cyberbullying or other bullying at school guidance on what steps they can take in response to the situation and on what rights they have when working with their child’s school to try to help keep their child safe.

The shifting of what teaching involves in Florida

What being a teacher here in Florida involves has changed over time. Changes to what teaching involves can come from many things. This includes shifts in education policy at the state level, the rules and requirements at schools, education technology and education and societal trends.

Shifts in what teaching in the state entails can have major impacts on teachers. For one, such changes can affect what kinds of challenges teachers face when it comes to trying to achieve their goals related to providing their students with a quality education.

The challenges of transitioning to middle school for special needs students

There are many transitions a child experiences during the course of their education. One of the bigger ones is the move from elementary school to middle school. For any student, this transition can have its difficulties. As a recent article notes, for students with special needs, such as students with ADHD or autism, there can be some particularly significant challenges related to making this transition.

Among these challenges are those related to adjusting to the many differences between life at middle school and life at elementary school. There are a great many things a special needs student may need to adjust to when transitioning to middle school, including:

Lawsuits among the options for responding to bullying

It's that time of year again, school is starting up. With the start of a new school year, parents may have many hopes for how the year will go for their child. They may also have some fears. One thing they might be afraid of is that their kid will be subjected to bullying at school.

Bullying is, unfortunately, something many students experience. Some estimates put the number of victims of classroom bullying at around one out of every four children.

Changes made in HB 7609 will be taking effect sooner than you think

Heading into the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the last thing on the minds of most children is school. Indeed, barbeques, parades and fireworks will always be infinitely more interesting to kids than thoughts about classes and homework.

While the same could perhaps be said of parents most years, this year may be somewhat different given all of the controversy surrounding the recent passage of House Bill 7069, the massive 274-page education package addressing such major issues as charter schools, funding and teacher bonuses.

Governor Scott signs HB 7069, the massive and controversial education bill

As we reported last month, the final day of the Florida Legislature's most recent session was anything but uneventful. For proof of this fact, one needn't look any further than the massive 274-page education package -- House Bill 7069.

To recap, HB 7069 was released just days before the end of the session following closed-door budget negotiations. Indeed, owing to its status as a budget bill, it couldn't be amended, meaning lawmakers could only vote for or against it. While it passed, it did so by the slimmest of margins, including a 73 to 36 vote in the House and a 20 to 18 vote in the Senate.